Cowboy boots became popular almost 2 centuries ago, but people still love to buy and wear them today. Since the 19th century, Cowboy boat shapes have evolved with time, and many boot companies put a lot of effort into giving high-quality, durable, and budget-friendly boots. In the meantime, "ESQUIVIAS BOOTS" achieved these targets and provided high-quality, durable, and budget-friendly boots.

Boots and suits have always been an important factor in fashion, but not every pair of boots are suitable. If you wanted to grow in fashion, you have to first understand “Which boot is best for you?” and “How to wear it like a boss?”.


The classical original cowboy boot has a bit of high shaft, not less than the mid-calf. It is usually decorated with stitching and some cut-outs. True cowboy boots have an inch or two-inch tall a bit of angled high heel. These boots are originally designed to endure a long time in the saddle. While considering the design and durability, "ESQUIVIAS BOOTS" provides long-lasting, high-quality hand-made classical boots which are durable enough to endure horse misstep or any sudden mishap. ESQUIVIAS BOOTS provides a large variety of classical hand made cowboy shoes which may differ from person to person. If you need a perfect cowboy boot according to your body style and fashion sense, then you should have to consider the following things before buying any cowboy boots.

(1)- NOTICE THE STYLE: If you wanted to buy cowboys boots, then the first point you should keep in mind is, "Where will you wear these boots?" If you want to wear these boots in the city (Office, Ceremony, Gathering), you should go for a narrower toe, but if you want to wear these boots in town (saddle or some horse farm), you should go for a higher heel. 

(2)- CHOOSE PERFECT LEATHER: If you decided to buy cowboy boots, then you should understand the style, texture, and supplements of boots. Go for a leather style that you think will look best on you 

(3)- CHOOSE THE IDEAL FIT: A boot and suit never look good if they are not the perfect fit. The grace of boot multiplies by zero when it doesn't fit your body requirement. Whenever you buy cowboy boots, go for an ideal fit. 

(4)- FEEL BALL OF YOUR FOOT: If you are wearing cowboy boots, feel the ball on cowboy boots' widest part. The heel should be angled about an inch to two inches for the new boot. If you don't feel the heel, then you should try another pair

(5)- FEEL THE POP: If you wear cowboy boots and hear a pop sound when you put your foot, it means this is a perfect size and fit for you. If you don't hear the pop, then it's a sign that you choose the wrong size and wrong fit.


If you desired to wear cowboy boots like a boss, but you don't have any idea, then don't worry. Below we have mentioned some styles and techniques to wear boots like a professional for both men and woman.

(1)- FOR MEN:

If you are a man and want to wear cowboy boots like a boss, then here are the same tips from “ESQUIVIAS BOOTS” to wear cowboy boots like a boss for men.

(A)- LEATHER STYLE: If you are wearing cowboy boots in the city, then exotic leather or supple is best for you. On the other hand, if you are wearing cowboy boots in town, you should move to more classical and designed boots.

(B)- TOE SHAPE: If you are wearing cowboy boots in the city, then french, roper boots, and the narrow square toe will be best for you. On the other hand, if you are wearing cowboy boots in town, you should move to the wide and angled toe.

(C)- DRESS CODE: Cowboy boots may differ from suits to jeans. If you are wearing jeans, go for a broader toe, natural outsole, and welt stitching, but if you are wearing cowboy boots with a suit, choose the boot according to your suit colour. Like, if you are wearing a black suit, then choose all black cowboy boots (Black Leather, Black Outsole, and Black Welting)


If you are a woman and want to wear cowboy boots like a professional and don't have any slightest idea about it, don't worry. "ESQUIVIAS BOOTS" has some tips for you to wear your boots like a professional.

(A)- SHOW YOUR BOOT: For women, it is necessary to show off their boots. Cowboy boots might go well if you wear skinny jeans or some dress pants and tuck your pants into your boot. It will not only enhance the boot's grace, but it will also look bossy on you.

(B)- HIGH HEEL: If you want to look fancy, go for cowboy boots with a high heel and a bit of angled toe. It will not only be comfortable for the workspace, but it will also be suitable for formal gatherings.

(C)- COLOR CODE: Well, for women, the perfect color tones are basic cowboys boot color. Either black or brown with some fancy color tone stitched pattern.

Written by daniela esquivias

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